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Michael Sloyan's Business Testimonials

James magee.jpg

James Magee - Chief Executive Officer at HeliconNFT
"Michael is an exceptional networker/connector who creates exceptional relationships globally. Michael has a very wide range of contacts all over the world and is passionate about developing opportunities for British businesses all over the globe. With personal connections at the highest level in both the public and private sectors Michael is the, 'Go-To', person if you want to grow your
business Internationally, make new contacts and friendships."

Mary Collin.jpeg

Mary Collin – 90 Day Planning

"Michael is a great guy and a master networker! I've known him for several years now and have always found him professional, innovative, well connected and a joy to be around. He is incredibly helpful and cares passionately about people - clients and contacts. If you are thinking of doing business with him then do it now! You'll be glad you did.

Reliable and trustworthy - and very likeable too!"


Michael Steel - Managing Partner St. George Consultancy Ltd
"I have known Michael through the British Business Club that he launched and is very successful. Michael is very enthusiastic about his work and always willing to offer help and advice to others. He has a vast network of contacts that he uses to help his clients and it’s my pleasure to recommend Michael Sloyan”

Steven Burda MBA.jpg

Steven Burda MBA – Senior Analyst at PECO an Exelon Company.

"Great to be part of Michael's trusted network! Always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional of great calibre! Highly recommend to all others. Thank you Michael!".

Joe Neves.jpg

Joe Neves – Director Smart Cleanings Ltd
"Michael is an intelligent individual with a strong theoretical background and experimental experience in business relations, networking and business advice and guidance. Since Mr Michael was involveded in the foundation of The British Business Club, he has been very important on the development of the business club, implementing new strategies for the growth of one of the most important business clubs in the UK and abroad"

Mariana Costa Weldon.jpeg

Marianna Costa-Weldon - Business Travel Consultant
Michael is a very entrepreneurial and challenging partner! I've enjoyed working with him on these virtual platforms because he is a great achiever and a real success person. Above all, Michael delivers! I will say thank you Michael, it is a pleasure to be part of your awesome business club and to be able to associate with you in other platforms as well. The British Business Club is a true reflection of its Founder! Way to go Mike!


Bettina Saunders –  Managing Director of Appointment Ladder
"Michael is very well connected within the British business community and when I first set up my business, he was very helpful in introducing me to some of his own contacts.

Mohammed Alborno.jpg

Mohammed Alborno – Business Technology Consultant
"Michael is a true networker, and in terms of "The Tipping Point Book" he's a connector. He has a vision and consistency that enabled him to establish The British Business Club, which I found very helpful and unique. Michael's "Motivational Quotes of The Day" is inspiring and inspirational. I am thankful for Michael in many ways and it's a pleasure having him as a resourceful contact and friend"


Jackie Bojor – Development Consultant EEME
"Michael is an excellent international networker and a dynamic business professional. Our company, FRD Center Market Entry Services Romania, which offers market research, procurement and business matchmaking assistance in CEE and SEE, is a member of The British Business Club. We would like to recommend Michael and his organisation as an excellent platform for further development of internationalisation of your business, promotion of quality business networking and market entry to the new EU member states".

Isabelle Gelle.jpg

Isabelle Gellé: Founder The Perfumery Art School:
“I am happy to recommend Michael Sloyan who, as the founder of the British Business Club, demonstrates such a dedication in helping British businesses to expand their client database both in the UK and worldwide. I found that the British Business Club is an excellent while exclusive business networking facility which has opened valuable doors for my business but has also allowed me to find services and products providers of great interest”.

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