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"The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not
creating them in your own image, but giving
them the opportunity to create themselves."

- Steven Spielberg

Michael Sloyan
Your remote Business Mentor

The everyday life of a self-employed small business owner is tough. The everyday life of any aspiring entrepreneur is sometimes very frightening. There are plans to be created. There are challenges to be met, and there are decisions to be made.

I fully understand that when you are working solo and funds are scarce, and the challenges become all the more intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don't need to do it all alone.  There is a solution that can ease the burden, relieve the stresses and strains, share the daunting decisions, and, guess what?
It doesn’t have to break the bank!.

You can now have “On call, and at your disposal when it suits you” the support of a professional company director with 40 years of successful experience that you can put to use to make your business profitable. To advise you, to mentor you, to support you on your business journey.

No expensive salary to pay

No long-term financial commitment

No fixed term contract

I can support you in every aspect of business from sales & marketing, business development, business networking, day to day business management and growth strategies. I have supported and helped many businesses of all shapes and sizes over the decades and I can help you too. Read my testimonials!

This is exactly where my remote business mentoring comes into play. You can think of me as your hidden business partner, business counsellor and advisor sitting in your corner, listening, observing and offering unbiased, experienced hints, tips, suggestions and advice on the multitude of decisions you make on your business journey.

For full details of how my busines mentoring service works and the costs involved (you will be pleasantly surprised), just drop me a “no commitment” contact message by clicking on the button below today, and I will be in touch directly and we can set up a Free Initial Zoom Meeting.

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Michael Sloyan
Your remote Business Mentor

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